Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Wouldn't It Figure..

Wouldn't it just figure that the day after I post about turning a not so great day into a better one... I have a grouchy day. Did I follow any of my own advice for today... why yes I did... I drank wine and am going to bed early. Today I'm just in a slump mood; dealing with cramps that have me in a fetal position and an extremely sore neck/back from yoga last night... I'm not the bubbliest person to be around right now. I apologize for the attitude but in light of the bad mood, I am choosing to post about my favorite things, hopefully it will lighten my spirits.

Favorite flowers:

(peonies and hydrangeas)

Favorite movies:

(The original)

( no I'm not kidding... don't judge until you've watched it)

( I might be able to quote the whole movie)

Favorite beer:
(Sounds weird... but so good!)

Favorite foods:

(I am from Maryland...)

(Never gets old)

Favorite Actresses:

(Reese Witherspoon)

(Julia Roberts)

Favorite Actors: (possbily based soley on looks)

(George Clooney)

(Robert Redford)

Thats it for today dolls! Hope you had a fabulous day!
Yours truly,


TaraR said...

We all have those days sometimes :(. Hope tomorrow is much better for you gal!

Allyson said...

I hope you get to feeling better! I love hydrangeas, The Godfather, and Gone With the Wind!


Awkward adventures of a Food Enthusiast said...

i feel ya. i am not having a good day love yaaaa

Maddie said...

We all have those days blah. But movies and food help a lot, especially pizza. YUM!