Monday, February 27, 2012

Conquering A Case Of The Mondays...Or Any Not So Great Day..

Well Monday we meet again... however on this day I have chosen to share what can help make your Monday... not so "Mondayish". These ideas can also be used on any day that may just not be going quite as planned!

1. Start your day off with a great shower! Maybe choose to use your "special shampoo" (everyone has one right?) or even just take the extra 2 minutes to shave your legs. This will help you in feeling more put together and add a little something extra to the dreaded start of the week.

2. Wear cute a cute pair of underwear and bra. It's something no one but you will know, but will make you feel extra special all day!

3. Take the time to make breakfast. I can't express how much I love breakfast. It is by far my favorite meal of the day and it's often quite difficult for me to decide what I'm going to have. An average morning consist of a protein smoothie and maybe a piece of whole wheat toast on some mornings, or a cup of plain oatmeal and a 2 egg white omelet. If you're someone who doesn't have breakfast or just has a granola bar, I promise incorporating the extra 10 minutes it takes to make an actual breakfast is well worth it!

4. Treat yourself to something. Now for this one, I don't mean treat yourself to huge shopping spree or make it a "eat what ever you like" day- I mean one little thing that will make you smile. Maybe it's grabbing a Starbucks on your way to work or buying a new nail polish you've been eying the past couple times to Ulta.

5. Now you know what they say... if all else fails- have some a glass of wine and go to bed early.

Also I want to share a new blog with everyone! One of my best friends- Kaitlin has decided to enter the blogging world! I was crying last night from laughing so hard at reading her latest post! Be sure to check her out!

Hope everyone had a fabulous Monday!
Yours truly,


Anonymous said...

This is a great post! I am definitely checking out your friend's blog next! I have started a new link up over at A Sweet Southern Mess! I hope you check it out! :) I like to think of it as one of those Monday "pick me ups!"

Ashley said...

Thanks for the tips! I think shaving your legs makes anyone feel like a new woman. I rarely feel that way because I try to avoid it at all costs, but I shaved tonight and my legs just feel so good! HAHA! Also, treating yourself is good! I treated myself to cute pair of shoes and it really does make you feel more confident! I need to work on the breakfast thing, I'm one of those who eats something small! Thanks for the tips

Cori H. said...

I love these tips! I really need to start getting up early so I can have some time to myself and eat a good breakfast.