Monday, February 20, 2012

How I spent my extra day off..

Heres some hints as to how I spent my extra day off!

Starting the day with a hot yummy bowl of oatmeal and banana

Hot Yoga

A quick stop by Traders to stock up on some items

Laundry and clean sheets for what I hope will be a better nights sleep then the past few nights

A really tasty not so healthy takeout from the one and only Chipotle with the family

I have to admit that after last week's episode I'm just not sure if I even care to watch Bach anymore. I am getting more and more frustrated with Courtney every week and have enough to be stressed about in life then worrying about the outcome of this show, anyone else with me? I say he proposes to Kacie B and we call it a day.


Ashley said...

I washed my sheets today....they are still in the washer. Clean, but still wet and not on my bed. LAZY is my middle name apparently! I did manage to tan, walk and cook dinner. What more can I do today!?

Anna H said...

I wish he hadn't let Kacie B go this week! She was definitely my favorite. She was too good for him though.

Maddie said...

OH MY. I looove your blog. Yay, so excited you found me. Oatmeal+banana=yum. Isn't Trader Joes the greatest thing in life? Will be looking forward to more updates!!

Maddie said...

Oh P.S. I haven't heard of Child Life but it sounds like you would work in pediatrics? Currently I work in surgery and pediatric surgery is a big unit at our hospital. I don't know exactly what you're interested in but I do love working in healthcare!

lori said...

kacie was my fave on the bachelor, too. but her parents really ruined her chances. now im team nicki.

Kerry said...

Team Nicki!! He has better chemistry with her than Kacie.