Wednesday, February 8, 2012

What I'm loving about this week...

Hello Dolls!
This week is flying by and I could not be more happier about it! The week always seem to drag on while the weekends fly by, but this week has been so busy I'm having trouble keeping up! I forgot to mention that my week started off a little different then normal and on Monday night I attended a great concert...

I love love love Third Eye Blind and although I did not know all the songs they played, they were amazing and played a great show!

Here's a few other things I am loving about this week...

I completed this craft I found off pinterest with my pre-schoolers for them to give their parents on valentines day!

I've gotten back into my smoothie addiction! I had a smoothie for breakfast this morning and made one for dinner after my run! Here's what I typically put in my smoothies:
1 1/2 bananas
almond milk
scoop of vanilla protein powder
teaspoon of peanut butter
dash of cocoa powder
handful of ice
Blend and enjoy!

A couple of my pledge sisters and I are finally planning a weekend reunion in Raleigh! Now that we've all graduated and are all living in different cities its hard to keep up with each other and I think we are all going through a bit of withdrawal. We're shooting for late March when the weather is warmer!

Revenge starts back up tonight and although 10 p.m is way past more normal bed time, I CANT wait to watch and see what happens!

Hope everyone is having a fabulous day!
Yours truly,


lori said...

how funny!! i am seeing third eye blind in concert tomorrow! its homecoming at my alma mater and they are coming to play- im so excited :)

i have that same smoothie pinned, but i havent tried it yet... looks good!

Heels Are My Drugs said...

i've just found your blog and now you have a new follower.
Do you want to follow me back?