Thursday, February 9, 2012

Some Changes I Have Made To My Diet...

This week I have been adapting to a couple of changes I have recently made in my diet. I though I would share them with everyone and also see if anyone else has any tips or tricks that they have tried lately!

#1. Incorporating Apple Cider Vinegar.
This may sound weird but it has so many benefits that I thought why not give it a shot. I either start by taking 2 teaspoons in the morning or making drink with water and 2 teaspoons. It helps keep you full longer and also gives you an energy boost! If you want to sweeten it up a bit I suggest adding a bit of pure honey.

#2. Drink less milk
If you know me you know this is a big one! I love love love milk, I love it in the morning with breakfast or cereal and at night with dinner or making chocolate milk for desert. However I have read a lot of studies that show diary to have an affect on your skin and breakouts. Not being someone who was born with perfect and radiant skin, I am always on the look out for how to help my skin!

#3. Making more smoothies!
I talked about this yesterday but I have a serious love for smoothies! I love throwing a bunch of ingredients into the blender and seeing what I come up with. Smoothies are great because they keep me full and can be eaten at any time of the day! I can make one big smoothie in the morning so that I can have half for breakfast and half for lunch. I am loving getting back into the this habit and am excited to keep trying out new flavors!

#4. Eating more oatmeal!
Call me an old lady but I absolutely love oatmeal! This is another great food to have in the morning that will keep you full for a long time! During the week I stick to microwavable plain oatmeal with banana but on the weekends I love to take the time to make a big batch of steel cut oats! These take longer to make but are well worth it! I use almond milk to make mine and add a dash of brown sugar... talk about delicious!

#5. Eating less eggs
Truth be told, I think the egg is god's gift to earth, I mean honestly think about how many things we use eggs for! I love to have eggs at all hours of the day and in many forms! If I haven't shared it before... I am a pro omelet maker, this is no joke... I mean business when it comes to making an omelet and love using ingredients like feta, basil, tomatoes, and peppers! However I also love egg salad, poached eggs (aka eggs benedict), and just a regular friend eggs. I could probably eat about 4 eggs a day if I let myself. The problem is that although eggs are a great source of protein, especially for myself who only eats chicken and turkey on occasion (no red med), they also contain a lot of cholesterol. My cholesterol is absolutely at a healthy level but its never too early to start thinking of down the road!

#6. Drinking less
As someone who now works M-F 8-5, my schedule definitely leaves no room for drinking during the week. Occasionally I will do happy hour with a friend but very rarely because I have to be up so early and like to be in bed around 9:30. Even on the weekends I find myself not going out as much because honestly, who wants to spend one of their days off hungover? Not this girl. I've also refrained from having occasional glasses of wine during the week with dinner, shocking I know! While I am not a changed girl completely and don't intend on depriving myself, it is just a change I am making a conscious effort with.

I am hopeful these few changes will pay off! If you have any changes you have also made please share!

Yours truly,


Allyson said...

I have heard really great things about apple cider vinegar, I'm curious as to how well it really works! I am so not a health nut, but I have GOT to start drinking more water...all these changes are making me think that if you can do all this...I can definitely drink some water!


Ashley said...

I dislike eggs so much and everyone thinks I'm weird. I don't know what happened. I liked them as a child, but now I can't eat them! Maybe too much of something turns you off. Idk. I drink less too. I tried to drink a drink the other night while I was unwinding with a bubble bath and I ended up pouring half of it out. I guess I really am a social drinker. Its a good thing I guess bc it saves me money! Good changes!

Monica's Notebook said...

Yay for making healthy changes! I need to get on that track too! Girl, i LOOOVVEE oatmeal! Especially with honey and bananas! MMMM so delicious!