Friday, February 10, 2012

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday Dolls! I hope everyone had a great week and has some exciting plans for the weekend! I myself, am currently snuggled in my pj's, space heater next to my bed, and about to watch a movie... talk about a wild Friday night. I promise to not be an old lady all weekend though, here are my plans for tomorrow!
- Dentist appointment at 9

-Come home and go for a run

- Lunch, laundry, clean room

-Take car to get emissions check ( I hate doing things like this)

- Hair appointment at 2:15 ( FINALLY!)

-Run errands aka search for "the perfect red lipstick" and maybe find something to wear out

-Possibly nap

-Get ready (while having We Are Young by Fun and Janelle Monae on repeat...anyone else obsessed with this song?)

-Meet friends in D.C

Tomorrow will be filled with lots of errands but fully worth it for a night out with friends in one of the best cities and the Nations capital.. D.C! Hope everyone has a great weekend

Here are a few things over the week that have caught my attention...

Yours truly,

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Anna H said...

SO OBSESSED with We Are Young. I discovered it when they did a version of it on Glee, but I'm in love with both versions. Definitely my favorite song of the moment.