Tuesday, March 5, 2013

My Daily Go To's

Happy Tuesday Y'all! I am constantly seeing bloggers post products they use on a daily or weekly basis and though I should share my own list! If I had a never ending budget I am sure I would be someone that is considered a "target product junkie." And while I do let myself get carried away with trying new things sometimes, I also have products that I have been using forever that I choose to stick with. I am somewhat a creature of habit, although from time to time I do switch things up. Take this morning for example, my alarm was set for my normal time of 5:37(don't judge the random time) to head to the gym, come home, shower, then head to work. However being that I went to barre class last night and it was a new instructor (she completely kicked my butt) I was feeling really sore and stiff and not ready to tackle a cardio day. Now could I have pushed myself and gone to the gym, absolutely but I know that by tomorrow I would be sore, miserable and not want to work out for the next 2 days. So this morning I woke up and had a nice stretching session and decided I would spend my morning doing some catch up blogging. Not going to lie, it was nice having the morning to enjoy my coffee in my pjs and enjoy the quite sound of the city. Anyway enough of my morning, lets get to my daily products!


I wish I could be one of those people that takes a shower only a few times a week or at least can go a few days without washing their hair but unfortunately that is not how this girls hair works. I normally take 2 showers a day, one in the morning where I wash my hair and one at night just to rinse off before getting in bed (I work in a hospital and you know that place is crawling and gross germs and yuckies.) I recently tried this shampoo after hearing it might help stimulate hair growth (read my gripe about wanting long hair here) and honestly I have LOVED it. On weekends I can definitely get away with going 1.5-2 days without washing my hair and love that hydrates my hair without leaving it feeling heavy. 

Because I have short hair, I do not use conditioner everyday, especially now that I use this shampoo. However if I feel like my hair is in need of a little love I use this leave in conditioner. 

For my body wash, I stick to a pretty simple bar of soap but LOVE the way it smells and that it doesn't leave me feeling dry or oily. I originally tried this brand about a year ago and love all their products and could probably spend days smelling them all at Whole Foods. I am a sucker for lavender but they have a ton of great scents to choose from. 

That pretty much does it for a my shower routine, I obviously shave but I would be lying if I said I had a go to razor that I use all the time. 

When it comes to my lotion, I am SUPER picky. I don't like products that leave me feeling greasy and cakey but because I have dry skin, I need something that really quenches my skin. A few months ago after a trip to the dermatologist, I was told to try this brand for both my face and body lotion and have never been happier.  This brand is completely free of chemicals and has done wonders for my skin. It's a big tricky to track down but can be ordered on Amazon. I slather it on my skin after getting out of the shower and before getting into bed at night. 


Toothpaste is another thing I am not a creature of habit for and normally just buy whatever is on sale at Target. However the past few times I have gone to the sore, I have picked up this Crest version.

As for my toothbrush, I use one that I found at Trader Joes. It's by a company called Preserve and is 100% recycled and made from yogurt cups! I have the navy and although I've only had it a week or two, so far I really like it. You can pick one up at your local Trader Joes or Whole Foods. 

What are your daily go to's?
I will be posting my makeup go tos next so stay tuned! Hope everyone is having a great week!

Yours truly, 

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Love these products! They are all practical and super useful. Thanks for the fun post!

I love your blog!