Friday, March 22, 2013

Friday Five + A Little Extra

Maybe it was the first day of spring which lead to spring fever, maybe it was the cleanse, or maybe it was the terrible cold weather but this week took forever! The days were beyond long and seemed like they would never end. each night I crawled into my bed exhausted and was asleep within minutes! Thank goodness it is Friday and I am lucky enough to be off this weekend! I'm also lucky enough to have a half day today, however not lucky enough that I will be spending my afternoon getting new tires... gross. Anyone else totally annoyed when it comes to spending money on their car? Unless I'm getting a new one, I find all things related to cars completely annoying to deal with. 

However for the rest of the weekend I have 0 plans and plan to thoroughly enjoy the weekend. The next few weekends are absolutely crazy so this will be a great chance to relax and prepare for the next upcoming weeks! Here's a few things that bought me joy this week...

I have been absolutely addicted to baths... lavender epsom baths to be exact. This week I took 3 but found that it was a wonderful way to wind down before bed.

Tuesday I had the day off and was lucky enough to have great weather for a run! I went for a run around my apartment and love all the history I am surrounded with. Afterwards, it was feet up for a little recovery action while the sun streamed in my apartment

A fun first day of spring party at work- complete with spring baskets, decorate your own cookie, and make your own stain glass 

A sweet and ripe dessert

Changing up my normal morning coffee routine to Yogi Chai Tea. 

Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!

Yours truly, 

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