Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Everday makeup

Last week I posed the products I use on a daily basis. Today I am following it up by sharing my makeup routine! I use a few different things from month to month and am always open to trying new things. I do have sensitive skin so try to be careful what I put on my skin but I can be a sucker for the Target cosmetic section.  During the week I tend to keep my makeup routine pretty simple and stress free. It leaves opportunity for a little adventure on the weekends like red lips or winged eyes. What does you makeup routine look like?

Everday makeup

Tarte foundation / Benefit sheer makeup / NARS Cosmetics / Tarte concealer / Urban Decay mascara / Bare Escentuals colorful makeup / Almay eyeliner / Eos lip treatment

I absolutely love the Tarte collection, its organic and all natural and leaves my face smooth and fresh looking. The concealer is also one of the best under eye concealers I have ever tried, if you are looking for another, I highly suggest it! 

Yours truly, 


Ashley said...

I swear by the Tarte products! They're my absolute favorite. I also started using the Almay eyeliner and have really liked it so far!

Chelsea said...

I love Tarte, but I had no clue that their concealor was so great. I must pick it up, thanks!! Chels

Claire said...

Yay! Thanks for sharing! I never really wear makeup but want to so I always like to see what other people choose for simple basics and every day!