Thursday, March 14, 2013

Thursday Wish List- Bar Set Up

Happy Thursday Y'all. Almost to Friday and even better then being a Friday... its pay day! Please tell me how I work full time, and yes I do support myself but I mean the way I countdown to pay day, you would think I am poor. This girl could use some finance classes ASAP. I do have a few trips coming up that I budgeting for but also have a few things on my wish list for this paycheck...

For a long time now I have been wanting to make a small bar table in my apartment. I think it would add a great touch and I have the perfect little spot that could use a pick me up. I recently found this table while perusing at Target and think its the perfect size and base for my bar set up.

As for tray options, I have a couple in mind:

Now for the classes to put in my tray, I found these great gold rim tall glasses on sale at Anthropologie and can't wait to pick them up

They are super simple but I love that about them and think they will look great with the gold trays. 

Further necessities:
A simple yet sophisticated gold shaker

An orchid for decoration and touch of femininity amongst the black and gold. 

Gold dot cocktail napkins to compliment

And with this print mounted on the wall above, I think the look will be complete!

That completes the look for my future bar table set up! 

How would you arrange your bar table?

Yours truly, 

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Lili Morton said...

I need all of these pieces for the non-existent bar in my apartment, LoL