Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Travel Recs Needed

Thank goodness we have finally made it to Wednesday. I am hoping today flies by because I am off to a breakfast for dinner date with girlfriends after work. Anyone else love a omelet or waffle for dinner? Speaking of girlfriends, in a few months I am taking a trip with a few friends for a little getaway and relaxation. We have yet to decide our final destination but I would love input for the following options we have come up with...

Option 1:
Austin, TX
I have never been to Texas but have always wanted to venture out to Dallas, Houston, or Austin. To be 100% I know the least about Austin compared to our other options. From doing a bit of research it looks like they are known for their live music scene, various "tex mex" restaurants, and hipster hang outs. Being that I love live music and "tex mex" food, this seems like it could be a win win. 

Option 2: 
Nashville, TN
I was lucky enough to visit Nashville a few years ago when my best fiend and our moms when we went to the CMA festival. It was so much fun and I absolutely loved the downtown scene and surrounding cute neighborhoods. Being that I have already been here before, it's not my first choice but would definitely be a great time none the less. 

Option 3: 
Chicago, IL
Chicago is probably my number one pick. For the past few years I have been wanting to visit Chicago so bad, for no other reason then I have heard it's absolutely amazing. From the food scene to breweries to art museums and more I am definitely pulling for this to be our destination. 

If you have any recommendation for any of the options please let me know! I am also open to other cities that you have visited and suggest!

Hope everyone is having a great week so far!
Yours truly, 
Emily Ann


Ashley Teale said...

This is such a hard decision because I love all 3 cities! Chicago and Austin are easily 2 of my favorite cities in the US. Of course there’s always Charleston.... my very favorite :)

Tess said...

I have heard Austin is amazing but Chicago has my vote!!!! If you do decide on Chicago I will be happy to send all my favorite spots!!!!