Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Weekend Report- Moving to Charlotte...maybe

Hey Y'all, I am officially back from Charlotte and already missing it more then life itself! I would not be surprised if this girl moved there within the next few years, I mean it's not like I already applied to 3 jobs yesterday... oops! Overall I had a wonderful weekend and was able to spend lots of time with my old roommates catching up, going out, shopping, and meeting their new friends, it was a blast! Here's a bit of a photo dump from my trip, as well as an interesting turn at the end...

For getting down and back to Charlotte, I opted to try out the Megabus thinking it would save money on gas and being that the bus has wifi, I thought it would be a good time to just sit back and relax for a little bit... wrong. 

Kicking off the weekend with Raspberry Tequila Sangria... this drink is lethal.

Out with my old roommate Kelly! We went out in the Montford area both nights and had a great time at the bars down there, lots of fun little bars all within the same block!

Back yard laying out the next day. We aimed to go to the lake but given how we were all feeling the next morning, that was not in the cards.

Selfies at the bar... yep that happened on night 2 out... judge away.

Amber, Myself, and Kelly hanging at Angry Ales

I even ran into a friend from high school!

So on my way back is where the trip took a bit of a downward spiral. Like I said, for my traveling I opted to take the Megabus and was a first time user but had heard good things from friends who had taken it. My ride down to Charlotte wasn't terrible but the bus was completely full and there was almost no room to put your stuff or even stretch out in the slightest. For my ride back up to Richmond... things got a lot worse. While we were on 95, our bus pulled off at a gas station, I assumed we were taking a rest stop and the driver was allowing people to get snacks and/or stretch for a little bit. Boy was I wrong, next thing I knew the drive made announcement letting us know "We have a situation and are going to be here a little bit." Talk about leaving a girl hanging... what the heck is a situation and how long is a little bit?! Within 5 minutes, 4 cop cars were surrounding the bus, as well as K9 dogs. 

Obviously I had to take a picture

A police officer boarded our bus and let us know that he was sure there was weed on our bus and he was going to find it and asked that everyone evacuate the bus while they and the dogs search everything. 

Everyone off the bus!

The police searching the top section of the bus and bringing people up for questioning.

All in all they never found anything and it was a 2 hour delay for nothing, leaving this girl extremely grumpy for the rest of the ride home. Can y'all believe that?!

Monday I actually headed into work but was able to get out at a decent time and immediately headed to one of my favorite happy hour spots for a martini and oysters...a perfect way to end the holiday weekend!

Extra Dirty Martini with jalapeno stuffed olives... amazing and courtesy of Pearls

Yummy Chesapeake Oysters

As for the rest of the week, I am looking forward to grocery shopping, getting back to my routine and going for a few good runs, as well as hitting up my spinning class!

Also a BIG thank you to Ann over at Ann Elliot for mentioning me in some of her favorite blogs! I absolutely loved reading Ann's blog and I hope I get to meet this sweet girl in person sometime! 

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Yours truly,


Annie {annelliott.blogspot.com} said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Charlotte. We lived there for 3 years and would move back in a heartbeat. They have great hospitals for child-life specialists too! Glad you had a great weekend and glad you survived the bus experience. I am reviewing criminal procedure and searches and seizures and your experience is just like one of the cases- funny coincidence, but NOT funny to go through! Thanks for the shout out!! xo

Sundresses and Smiles said...

My best friend used to live in Charlotte and I loved visiting her!

Also, if you're going to move to Charlotte, we need to do a blog meet up first while you're still in Richmond!