Monday, May 6, 2013

Blog Everyday in May Challenge...a little late

Happy Monday loves!

A few of you have started the Blog Everyday in May Challenge and I have loved reading every one's posts that I have decided to jump on the bandwagon and join! I know I'm a little late to the game so I will be combining posts until I am caught up! Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend- weekend update will be posted tomorrow but as for today, here are days 1, 2, and 3 of the Blog Challenge!

Day 1:
The Story of Me in 250 words
I am the lucky daughter of Carrie and Steve who met in Annapolis, MD while my dad was attending the Naval Academy. My parents, no joke met over a white picket fence that my dad was painting… nope it doesn't get cuter. I was born in Virginia Beach while my dad was stationed there but moved to back to Annapolis when my parents split… sad but for the best. I had a wonderful childhood and was blessed with the greatest family and friends to surround me and influence who I have become today. When it was time for me to flee the coop, I attended East Carolina University in North Carolina! While there, I met the best friends a girl could ask for and become a member of Alpha Xi Delta sorority. I graduated with a degree in Child Life and completed my internship in Charlotte, NC. Since the day of first moving to NC for freshman orientation to going back now as an alumni for football games, my heart will always be in North Carolina. I now live in Richmond, VA and work as a Child Life Specialist. I am in my early 20’s and still managing and figuring out life as it comes. 

Day 2:

Picking something I know a lot about wasn't the easiest topic because I do not consider myself an expert at any one thing. However, one thing that I do have a passion for is playing hostess! I love love love when I have guests over or am throwing a party for a friend. I love adding personal touches and making people feel at home as possible.

Here are a few things I have come up with when I do have guests staying with me!

I don’t have a large apartment; in fact its quite small and really only allows living for one person. However when I have guests in town, I try to maximize the space as much as possible so that they have their own space as well. This could mean clearing a section of my closet, rearranging a few things and there to give them more space for sleeping, and adding touches that I know they would appreciate.

When having friends over, I also try to take into account things I know they like, for example buying a certain candle I know they enjoy or having a little welcoming gift when they arrive. This lets someone know that you took the time to think about them as an individual and their interests. Writing a hand written personal note also means a lot when having someone stay with you, it can convey how excited you are that they are in town and how much you value their friendship and time spent with them.

Always have clean sheets, blankets, and towels ready for them when they arrive. I have a futon that fold out for when I have guests in town, and depending on what time they are arriving, I sometimes already have the futon “bed ready” so that my guest does not have to worry about it later in the evening. Having mini shampoo, conditioner, and soap also adds a nice touch and allows your guest not to worry about bringing their own.

Also- having a wine or champagne chilled, depending on the occasion of the visit also adds a special touch. I try to also keep some cheese and crackers or simple snacks that can be thrown together in case guests are hungry or need a snack.

Most important- enjoy your time with your guests. Don’t overbook their time and fill everyday with tons of activities. Make sure there is time for resting and relaxing as well as ideas for things to do around your city. Look up local festivals or events going on in your community or even movies that may be coming out that you both might want to see.

How do you play host to your guests?

Day 3:

I'm generally pretty easy going and don't get upset and uncomfortable too easily but there are a few things I don't do well with. 

Public restrooms or any bathroom that isn't at my house. I have what some might refer to as "pee fright" and a lot of times I have to turn on the faucet to pee if I am not at my own house or my parents house. I even get nervous when using the bathroom at work sometimes, weird I know. 

I also do not do well with confrontation. I am probably the least confrontational person I know and will choose any other route to deal with something then often times just facing it head on. This has created plenty of obstacles for me in the past and one would think I could just get over it but it is seriously something I need to work on. 

Last one which shouldn't come as a shocker because I've talked about it before on the blog but, I am a huge smells person. By smells person, I mean that I am extremely sensitive to smells and do not hide my reactions well when there is an unpleasant scent around me. 

What makes you uncomfortable?

I think that is all the catching up I'm going to do for today but look for more posts tomorrow! 

Yours truly,

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