Thursday, May 30, 2013

Thoughts for Thursday

This week has been a bit of a mess so please forgive me if my thoughts on this particular Thursday seem a bit grumpy...

1. If having a glass of wine every night when I have gotten home this week is wrong... I do not want to be right. They have been my savior... judge away.

2. I know when it was cold I prayed and prayed for warmer weather but this girl is not ready for 94... its hot as hell and I'd like to be able to walk the couple of blocks to work from my car without sweating.

3. Workers were working on the gas around my building which left me without my gas stove last night which lead me to have cereal for dinner... with wine. 

4. My hospital got a donation of girl scout cookies and I have debatably ate half a box of Somoas. 

5. I overslept on Tuesday and missed spinning... fail. I did go on a nice run yesterday though, thank goodness. 

6. I did make it to spinning this a.m so I don't feel so guilty about all the wine and cookies.  

7. My poor little window unit in my apartment is not cutting it and I believe I am living in a sauna.

8. I haven't been watching anything on TV lately and have decided to give Mistresses a try when it starts on Monday ( I mean hey, the theme song is one of my song obsessions)

9. It looked like a tornado went through my room several times this week as I was searching for something to wear.

10. On a positive note- even though this week I am going over my hours like crazy, next week I have a lot of fun things planned including a friends birthday and a trip to Raleigh to see Widespread Panic! Hurry up next weekend!

Again, completely sorry for my whining but I feel sufficiently better after getting all that out. Just one of those weeks friends. 

Yours truly, 

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Shannon said...

Weeks like this happen and it is good to vent them out somewhere. Wishing you wonderful things for the weekend and what is ahead!