Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Playing Catch Up To The Blog Challenge and Weekend Happenings

Alright y'all get ready for Day 4, 5, and 6 all in one from the Blogging Everyday in May Challenge!

Day 4: Favorite Quote

Starting in college, I made a notebook filled with pages of quotes that I found randomly and wanted to remember. A large part of the notebook is also from when I went through my first break up and is filled with things that really helped me get through it. Word got around in pledge class about this notebook and soon it became the break up book that would passed around from girl to girl after a tough breakup... sappy, I know. Naturally when it came time for me to pick my favorite quote, it was quite a difficult task and I definitely went back and forth a few times but ended up settling on this one. 

Its short and sweet and while some may think its not very uplifting or profound, I think it's honest and gives many different ways of interpreting. A lot of times in life excuses are made or scenarios are thought about that causes us worry and stress... when their not even real life scenarios but merely ones we make up in our heads. This quote helps bring me back down to reality to accept what is going on currently and make the best out of any situation. There is no changing certain things in life, they simply are what they are and it's decision to decide how we will let them affect us and our thoughts and actions. 

Do you have a favorite quote?

Day 5:
"Publicly profess your love and devotion for one of your blogger friends. What makes them great? Why do you love them? If you don't have blogger friends, talk about a real-life friend or even a family member"

These are getting harder and harder by the topic! Trying to think of one of my favorite blogs I follow is definitely hard because I like so many different blogs and all for different reasons. I also have never actually met another blogger face to face, hopefully in the future I will be able to participate in some of Richmond's blogging events. Rather then choose a blog friend to spot light, because lets be honest... I could never just choose one, I chose to spot light a real life friend- my best friend, Alison. 

I have known Alison since high school and will always be grateful to God granting me such an amazing best friend. Unfortunately, we did not attend the same colleges and to this day do not live in the same state but that has never once hindered our friendship. We talk all the time, about anything and everything and I would honestly be lost without her. We been there through breakups, deaths, graduations, proms... you name it and  she's been by my side. Alison is also in law school right now and all though I know she gets frustrated at times and works and studies more then anyone I know... I could not be more proud of her and all of her hard work thus far. She is going to make a fabulous lawyer, and although I am biased, I believe she will make a fabulous anything. I could go on an on about Alison and how much our friendship means to me, but I'm already starting to get teary eyed. We are actually in the process of planning a little getaway in August between our birthdays! It will be nice to get away and spend time together just relaxing. Anyone have any suggestions for a fun getaway that won't break the bank?

Day 6: If you couldn't answer with your job, how would you answer the question, "What do you do?"

Lord have mercy what don't I do. I feel like every day is so different from the next and that even includes what I do at work. Some day's I am bright and smiley all day and hit the ground running and fill my day being so productive its frightening. Other days I am a bit more reserved and take my time warming up through the day. I talk, I listen, I read, I write, I workout, I eat, I cook... I live. I am fortunate to work in an environment that doesn't let me forget that everyday is precious and should not be ignored or thrown away, this outlook gives me the opportunity to seize each day as it comes and give it all I've got.

Now for weekend happenings! This past weekend I had to work, but I made sure to fill my evenings with lots of fun celebrating, being that it was Cinco De Mayo and one of my good friends 30th birthday! 

Friday night started out by meeting my friend Lauren for drinks for her 30th birthday! We met at Pearl Raw bar, the same place I took my dad to a few weeks ago and let me just say round 2 was just as good as the first time. 

After happy hour I headed to TJ Maxx to pick up some candles. Here's where there was a major fail... never go shopping after happy hour. Not only did I not get candles but I spend WAY too much money. I definitely plan on showing everything I got but here is one of the dresses... to say I'm obsessed is an understatement. 

I can't wait to wear this dress over the summer possibly for my birthday and to a few other events. 

Saturday I was up early and off to work but met friends afterwards to celebrate Lauren's birthday! We headed to Casa Del Barco for drinks and had a great time. 

Overall it was a fabulous weekend! 

How did you spend your weekend?

Yours truly, 


Annie {annelliott.blogspot.com} said...

Love this challenge and the great topics! Hope we get to meet in person sometime! xo

Kelsea said...

I am enjoying the May blog challenge! Love that dress, TJ Maxx always sucks my money away too! I am dieing to try Casa Del Barco, mexican is my weakness!