Friday, May 10, 2013

Friday Friday Friday

Hey y'all. unfortunately this week I do not have a Friday Five, however I do have 5 reasons why...

1. I have had one day off since last Saturday.

2. I have yet to even go grocery shopping this week and have been living off Ellwood Thompson's smoothies and Kind bars.... yea call me a weirdo.

3. The state of my apartment... lets not even go there. 

4. I am working again this weekend and leaving for a work trip next Thursday. 

5. I will stop whining now and talk about the one exciting thing I did this week...

That's right... I saw The Great Gatsby last night!! I have been anticipating this movie since I first saw a preview in the fall. I loved this book in high school and was beyond excited to see how the movie stacked up. The movie was good, obviously the book was better as they often are, but I definitely enjoyed the movie and encourage people to check it out! 

In addition to seeing Great Gatsby, I did manage to work out this week and went to spinning twice, ran once, and attended a body sculpting class!

As for this weekend, I am hopeful for easy non-stressful days at work followed by relaxing evenings catching up on sleep and hopefully finally making it to the grocery store! 

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

Yours truly,


Rustan said...

This is forbidden to be missed

Rustan said...

Have u clicked it?