Monday, May 20, 2013

Catching up From Denver

Lord have Mercy, this week is going to be a rough on. I predicted this last night when I didn't get home closet to 11:30 and as I was walking through the door of my apartment, busted open my elbow... causing me to crumble to the floor and have a mini meltdown. Yea... its definitely going to be one of those weeks. 

I am lucky enough to say that it will only be a 3 days work week before I am traveling down to Charlotte, NC to celebrate Memorial Day weekend with friends that I have not seen in far too long! I am looking forward to a relaxing weekend, spent catching up with friends, and enjoying being back in NC!

As for my last trip to Denver...Here's how the trip went.

Hey... it was early, gotta do what ya gotta do. 

Enjoying the silence before the rest of the world was up... with coffee of course

A new book that was finished while on the trip... review to come.

View from our hotel room! You can't really see the mountains in this picture but they were just beyond the skyline.

What I survived off of... yes it's a venti, feel free to judge. 

Officially sweat more then I ever have in my life... Hot Sculpting Yoga.

Beautiful scenery 

Sunset view from our plane

Overall it was a great trip and I was able to learn so much and meet so many amazing Child Life Specialist! Hope everyone has a wonderful week!

Yours truly, 

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Mrs. Type A said...

I'll be interested to see what you thought about the Paris Wife. It's my favorite book I've read in the past few years. Also, love the alarm names! :) ha