Monday, September 22, 2014

Weekend Recap

This past weekend seems like an absolute whirlwind and was filled with lots of travel and lots of time with friends. 

I was lucky enough to have Friday off work and actually scooted out of town Thursday to check out a sublease for the big move at the end of the week! After checking out the sublease I grabbed drinks and dinner with a few friends in Raleigh before calling it a night. Friday I was up early for an appointment at the new job and then off to Greenville for the remainder of the weekend for some Pirate football. I was so glad I got in to town early and was able to meet up with some friends early and headed to Freeboot Friday, outdoor festival that happens every Friday before a home game. Normally I don't get in town in time to check it out but had so much fun there catching up with friends and enjoying the live music. 

After Freeboot we headed to grab some dinner before it was back to a friends house to take it easy and spend more time catching up over a few glasses of wine. 

Saturday was game day and with the help of advil and mimosas we were out the door and tailgating in no time. 

We had so much fun and I couldn't be more excited that the Pirates pulled a victory of UNC! The weather was beautiful and so many different pictures have floated around but this one is definitely my favorite

I have never seen the sky light up like it was that night and made for a beautiful ending to a perfect game. 

Sunday was a serious day of struggle but made bearable hanging out and being lazy with girlfriends. I am so looking forward to being closer to all of my friends in NC and can't believe moving day is almost here! This week is going to be a crazy one full of packing and getting together with friends before moving on Saturday. 

Cheers to a great weekend and a crazy week ahead!

Yours truly, 
Emily Ann

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BLovedBoston said...

College game day weekends are just the best!! That last photo is just gorgeous!! Happy Monday!!