Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Richmond Spotlight- Pie Five Pizza

Anyone else feel that they could eat pizza everyday and be perfectly content? This girl definitely could and since age pizza has always been one of my favorite foods. Cheese pizza, white pizza, or veggie pizza... I could eat it all. Enter one of my new obsessions- Pie Five

Pie Five has a similar set up to Chipotle where you order as you come in and your food is prepared directly in front of you. They have multiple pizzas to choose including gluten free crust and options to build your own. Every step of the way you are able to pick your pizza from the crust, base sauce, and complimenting toppings. The best part about Pie Five is that within minutes you have your own personal pizza that is not only delicious but also supper affordable. 

I decided to try Pie Five out for a movie night with friends and couldn't believe I was able to get 3 personal customized pizzas for less then $25! To check out if there is a Pie Five hear you check their location list

I would definitely recommend Pie Five to anyone for any occasion whether catching up with friends or picking up dinner after a long week. Pizza in less then 5 minutes and made with anything you want on it... sold. 

Yours truly, 
Emily Ann

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