Thursday, May 31, 2012

A review of May's goals!

I can't even believe that tomorrow is the start of June! Anyone else feel like May flew by in the blink of an eye? I know with making a big move and starting my new job, this month has been so crazy busy I've hardly had time to even think about the goals I originally made. Hopefully I didn't stray from my goals too much but if so, there's always June to make up!

Mays Goals:

1. Start developing a monthly budget and STICK TO IT.
Done! Thanks to the help of my wonderful friend Ellen, who is an accountant, I have a monthly spreadsheet that follows my income and also things that to take into account- such as rent, groceries, student loans, etc.

2. Throughout the week, only eat out TWICE.
Done! I rarely eat out, even on the weekends! I would say that I have definitely kept this in check and have loved grocery shopping and coming up with new things to make for lunches and dinner!

3. Continue to fit in early morning runs before work.
Yes and No- This was going great until last week when I left town to take my certification exam. Since, my workout schedule has been a bit hectic but I am looking forward to getting back on track this weekend!

4. Eat minimal dairy and no carbs after 4pm.
This is for the most part true! I have still been cutting way back on my dairy and have only eaten carbs after 4 on the nights I have resorted to having brown rice with or for dinner.

5. Throw myself into my new job
ABSOLUTELY DONE! Work has been so insane that I've been staying late everyday this week! While this can be looked at as a bad thing and is getting to be a bit bothersome to my workout schedule, it also gives me a sense of completion when I leave for the day.

6. Try two new exercise classes
Done! Obviously if you have been reading over the past month, you know that I have become addicted to kickboxing! I seriously can not get enough of it and absolutely love the instructor. I also tried out a new yoga class just blocks away from my apartment at a local church. The class was the perfect blend of relaxation but also pushed me to challenge myself!

7. Listen to my body more
DONE! I definitely have been listening to my body more in terms of when it needs to rest and when it needs some extra TLC. Tonight, for example my left quad was really tight and sore from running yesterday, rather then push it and head to the gym anyway I took the night off and even gave in and treated myself to a glass of wine! My reasoning- get up early and workout before work... we will see how that goes, fingers crossed!

There you have it! Overall, I did much better then I thought I would have but am still looking forward to setting new goals for June!

Happy Thursday Y'all!

Yours truly,

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Melissa88Senick said...

Aww it looks like you have succeeded at many of your goals. It's so hard to stick to working out....especially in the am...when life gets all hectic. But it's way worth it in the end. :) Good job!!