Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Goals for May

Happy Wednesday loves! I hope everyone is having a GREAT week! Being that it is my first week of work with my new job, this week is absolutely flying by! However today is also the 1st of May and I definitely wanted to address some goals for this month!

First lets take a look back at April's Goals:

1. Start a food journal- Absolutely fail. I think my issue with this was I never got an official journal solely dedicated to being a food journal. No points for this one

2. Step up my running and strength training- Check! My running has been going great and I have even been fitting in a few early morning runs before work! I will also be joining my new gym within the next few days which will also help facilitate these two goals!
Snapshot from my run yesterday morning!

3. Find a place to live- Check! I was able to find an adorable apartment in an amazing neighborhood with a GREAT roommate!

4. Complete a craft from pinterest- Kinda sorta, its not done yet.

5. Try 3 new recipes. Again kinda sorta on this one.

Overall, I didn't do horrible and tackled the most important things but have some new ideas for the month of May...

1. Start developing a monthly budget and STICK TO IT.

2. Throughout the week, only eat out TWICE. This does not include weekends but does include all meal times- breakfast, lunch, and dinner. If I am grocery shopping like I should, this goal shouldn't be hard to tackle.

3. Continue to fit in early morning runs before work

4. Eat minimal dairy and no carbs after 4pm. This is a new thing that I am trying out and curious to see how it goes.

5. Throw myself into my new job, this means meeting new people, making myself available and accessible to others, and also taking in and learning as much as I can.

6. Try 2 new exercise classes, I would love to try a kick boxing and barre class.

7. Listen to my body more. I think this is important because somtimes its so easy to get caught up in what you want to do or what you think you should do rather then doing what you know your body needs/ whats best for you. This could mean saying no to going out for dinner and drinks when you know you could use some extra "you" time or making yourself go for a run even though you have no desire to do but you know you'll feel much better after.

That's it for May goals, ready set go!

Yours truly,


Allyson Butler said...

These are such great goals. I have a 101 in 1001 list, and I like it, but it may not be specific enough for me.


~Katie said...

These are great goals! I especially love the last one!