Thursday, May 24, 2012

Lets chat about a few things...

There is a couple things rolling around in my hectic mind that I would love to hear some opinions on...

1. Bachelorette
I was a HUGE fan of Em when she appeared on the season with Brad... I loved how sweet and caring she was and also that she had a fun and exciting side to her. However when I heard she accepted the role as the new Bachelorette, I will admit I was a bit let down. Perhaps I had too much respect for Emily and thought she was too good for a show like this but as I continue to watch this season, I am constantly shocked by her decisions! Now I know this all sounds a bit intense and by all means I would love to hear other's thoughts but I am having the hardest time figuring out what in the HECK she is doing in this show. 

2. It is absolutely possible to forget how to to study.

Today I was in D.C for my national certification that I have been studying for the past few weeks. When I first started studying in the beginning of May I was shocked at how hard it was for me to organize my materials and really get down to business studying. It's only been a year since I've graduated but attempting to study 4 years worth of information was no easy task...

3. Revenge!
Anyone else happen to catch the season finale of Revenge last night?!... I die. Where to even begin discussing. I decided I would take a chance and turn on Revenge while reviewing some notes... that didn't exactly turn out so well and I ended up getting completely consumed in everything that was going on. Needless to say I can not wait for next season

4. I received my first grown up pay check!

Now while I assure you I am not rolling in the dough, this first paycheck meant a lot to me.It symbolized not only being blessed to do something I love but also being on my own and supporting myself. Once rent and all my financial obligations are taken care of I do have a few things I have been keeping my eye on that I am looking forward to sharing in tomorrows post!

That's it for today! Hope everyone is having a great week!

Yours truly,

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Halle said...

The picture you used for #2 is too true!