Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Latest

Good Morning loves! Hope everyone is having a wonderful Tuesday so far and is getting to enjoy the beautiful weather! I am currently posting from my new favorite coffee/hangout spot, conveniently located just 2 blocks away from my home. I love hidden little gems like this establishment, its filled with locals and history and I love walking in and recognizing the same people. They also freeze coffee into ice cubes so your coffee is always strong and never gets weak or watered down... I am a serious fan. 

This past weekend I stayed in on Friday and just relaxed and watched a movie. Nothing too exciting but after a pretty hectic week it was exactly what I needed. Saturday morning I was up early, off to the coffee shop, then headed to the gym for a workout! I did 2 miles on the treadmill then hopped around for some weights and strength training. It was overall a great workout. I also stopped by the mall for a quick second to pick up a few items...

These 3 makeup products actually all came in a Benefit set and I snagged them all for only $31 from Sephora! It was a great deal and I have been wanting to try the Pore 'fessional. 

I also snagged these shoes from Forever
I have been looking for a new pair of nude wedges and these definitely fit my budget at just $35. They are super comfortable and I also got a lot of compliments when I wore them out on Saturday!

Also last night I went back to Kick Your Butt Kickboxing! Even thought it is by far the hardest class I have ever taken, I love the feeling of accomplishment that follows after. 

The rest of the week is a bit hectic with my schedule but I am hoping all goes smoothly!

Yours truly,

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Allyson Butler said...

Love those shoes, and that coffee place sounds adorable!