Friday, May 18, 2012

Recap of the week

Sheesh did this week fly by! No complaints from my end, I am definitely looking forward to catching up on some sleep this weekend! While this week was off to a bit of a rocky start, it ended up being a lovely week...

Monday- I spilled coffee on myself being walking into work.. great I know. People were kind enough to lie to me and let me believe that somehow the coffee splatters looked like a design on my white shirt. Work was also a bit stressful that day, but it ended strong with a GREAT class of kickboxing! I am officially addicted.
Pants: Banana Republic
White Top: Forever 21
Sweater: The Limited

Tuesday was another rough one and a majority of my day was spent arguing back and forth with Bank Of America about why my new credit card has not yet made it to me... I was not a happy camper.

Shirt: Banana Republic
Green Pants: Old Navy

Wednesday I actually had the day off to head home and see my mom graduate from her Physical Therapy program! I squeezed in a quick run in the morning before I got on the road but was home early enough to spend some time with my mom and my grandma before the festivities started. I could not be more proud of her and was also glad to spend time with my family after a not so fun 2 days.

She's the first one on the end of the row in the orange!

Thursday morning I was a bit sluggish after driving back to Richmond so late but eager to get back to work and even more excited when my roommate told me about a yoga class she was going to after work. This yoga class was going to be held at St. Johns Church and I had heard awesome things about the instructor. I am so glad I went, the relaxation and stretching was exactly what I needed to end the week! After yoga my roommate and I headed to a friends for a great dinner and a few glasses of wine. 

Also another note about Thursday- when I'm at work I carry a pager around so that anyone can page me at anytime to get a hold of me. About an hour before I was about to leave work for the day, I received an anonymous page saying what a great job I am doing and the hospital is so happy to have me... talk about making a girls day!

Friday I wanted to get up early for a run, unfortunately that did not happen. Instead I headed to my favorite coffee spot for a bit of studying for my certification. Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture of my outfit before I flew out of the door but the day went quick and before I knew it I was home with a glass of wine in hand! 

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and enjoys this amazing weather!

Yours truly,

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