Thursday, January 19, 2012

Running shoe advice...HELP!

I have been saying for quite some time now that I am getting new running shoes... however it has yet to happen. Good news- it will absolutely happen this weekend. I can't wait to get a new pair of running shoes and I am hoping it will cause me to give running a bit more effort. In conclusion- I would love any one's advice on running shoes and what they recommend.

Here's a little background on my feet- I am incredibly flat footed and have almost no arch so finding a shoe with good support is important! I do have orthotics that have been especially for my flat feet and I do intend to use those as well.

Here are a few shoes that have caught my eye but I am always open to new suggestions!

Asics Gel Evolution- 6

Brooks Vapor-10

Nike Zoom Vomero

Nike Free Run

Mizuno Wave Inspire

I'm sure all these brands and models are great but I would love to hear what other people use or what they have heard is best, especially those with flat feet!


20 Going on 80 said...

I just got the Asics Nimbus (I think that's what they are called). I love them. I also got arch support inserts for them which feel a bit weird at first but they mold to your foot the more you wear them. I tried the Asics Gel ones on but liked the Nimbus' better. Hope that helps!

Michelle P said...

I would love to know also, I'm looking for good shoes.

Kerry said...

I have Asics right now!! I like them a lot. However, after 7 months of using them, I think it's time for me to get new tennis shoes as well. I can always tell when I need new ones: my feet and knees start hurting during runs!

Madilene Lake said...

I've been a runnner forever, and I always run in Mizunos! They're so light, but still offer a ton of support. The best thing to do however, is go to a running store. There a running professional can help determine what shoes are best for your feet!

Katie said...

I have 2 pairs of Asics that I swear by!

Eloquently Emily said...

Thank you for all of the suggestions! I am definitely planning on going to a running store so they can help me decide but all these comments were so helpful!

Shannon Marie said...

In all honesty, you really need to go talk to the individuals who work at the running store to find the best shoes for you. I have a narrow foot and semi-high arch and Mizuno and Brooks have always been my favorite. I'll be getting new shoes thsi weekend too! Yay! Happy running!