Monday, January 2, 2012

Hello 2012!

Goodbye 2011 and hello to 2012! It is so hard to believe how fast time goes and that already it is January of 2012... talk about feeling old!

Lets talk about 2011...I am quite a fan of 2011 but also very ready to say hello to a new year and new beginnings! Having officially finished school and my internship I am looking forward to turning a new leaf, if you will and making a fresh start. I am still working on my resolutions but will get them out as soon as I finish!

I did want to share a few cute items that come in handy this time of year!

Kate Spade- Small card, Big Thanks Thank you cards

Kate Spade Thank You cards

Sarah Pinto 2012 Planner

Pocket sized Ikat planner from Etsy

Keep Calm and Carry On Calendar

Hope everyone had a great day!


Michelle P said...

I need a new planner, these are cute!

Claire said...

I loooove Thank You cards and tend to stockpile them at my desk for future "thank yous" so I may be purchasing some new KS ones! Thanks for the suggestion! Glad you are interested in the Sweet Tea planners! I just received my proof from the owner and mine should be shipped any day now! I hope they're fabulous because I've talked them up quite a bit haha I'll def do a review once I receive it!

Sarah said...

The love the Kate Spade cards, and stationery in general. Haha.