Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Inslee by Design aka what I am obsessed with at the moment!

I am extremely excited about this post and also this amazing artist! A few days ago I was scrolling through Pinterest, per usual just passing the time by. I was repinning things as I normally would until I came to painting that I not only loved but immediately wanted! After a bit of researching and becoming obsessed with x10 other paintings, I decided I had to dedicate a post to my new obsession!

Here area a few of my favorite paintings!

These are not her paintings but a wonderful way to display them if you got a few!

Here is a little information about Inslee By Designs and what I have learned so far!

-note cards can be purchased in the form of stationary, invitations, and an assortment of cards
- she is currently sold out of her 2012 calendars but 2011 are still available for purchase
-sketches can also be purchased
-she also does custom illustrations!

I highly suggest you check this amazing artist! The sketches would be adorable hung up anywhere and also make a great gift to girlfriends!


Rebecca said...

those paintings are beautiful! I love the ones with the girls in big hats!

Julye said...

I love Inslee as well, her designs are so cute!!