Thursday, January 12, 2012

Beauty help asap!

Hey dolls, hope everyone had a great day! I am super tired from my long day but wanted to post because I have serious advice I need from everyone! I'm not sure if the stress of my new job, something in the air, or what but for whatever reason my face is breaking out all of the sudden!

I did just recently start using a new Clinique product- their facewash, toner, and lotion but I really did not think it would affect my skin as much as it has. I have used Clinique products before and absolutely loved them and really hope that is not whats irritating my skin!

Another possible culprit could be the facial primer I just started using a couple days ago. Anyone use a primer that doesn't irritate their skin? I'm currently using the Sephora brand but will definitely be taking a break to see if thats the cause.

Now everyone knows that tomorrow is Friday and like everyone else I would like to be able to go out and be seen in the public eye without wearing a bag on my head or wear a ton of makeup.

(sorry I had to)

 Does anyone have any quick tricks they use or products to recommend?

Sorry if this grossed anyone out, I assure you my face is not as bad as I'm making it out to be but I'm sure we can all agree that breakouts are not fun and annoying!


Kerry said...

Stop using the Clinique stuff and the primer for 2 weeks. If your skin improves then you'll know not to use either! Better to be safe than be sorry. Also, I'm sure Clinique would take the products back if you took them to the counter and explained how badly they irritated your skin.

Could be your environment change as well (moving back home). Try washing all of your sheets and towels really good and cleaning around you. Oh, and the weather changing so much could affect it! It's been craaazy... 60 degrees then 30!!!

Sarah said...

I've never had any problems with Clinique products, so that's sad to hear. I love everything I've ever purchased from Clinique, and I'm sure they could potentially steer you in another direction if it really doesn't work out. Hope you had a good week at least!