Monday, January 9, 2012

First day of new job AND back to civilization!

I'm normally not a fan of Mondays... however this Monday was a-ok in my book for a few reasons...

1. I started my new job as a toddler teacher! Today was my first day of my new job and what a day it was! Toddlers have more energy then they even know what to do with but they sure are fun! I worked from 8-5 and also had an hour break!

2. Bachelor is on! After watching last weeks episode I was hooked! Did anyone else think that a majority of these girls have absolutely lost their marbles? I'm looking forward to tonight and hopefully picking a few or at least one that seems to have it together.

3. I FINALLY got my laptop back! When I got home from work today my step dad had surprised me by picking up my laptop from being fixed and bringing it home! It was a great surprise and I'm so excited to have it back!

4. Being that I now have my laptop back, I can finally get back to doing what I love...blogging and PINTEREST! I could not be more excited to get back to my pinterest obsession. Here are a few things that caught my eye!

Love this chevron tray!

How adorable is this idea!

Another book to add to the list

Wine barrel rack

Thats it for today dolls! Have a great day!



Ashley said...

COngrats on your new job! It sounds like exhausting fun! I hope you aren't too tired! :)

Cori H. said...

Sounds like you had a great Monday! Toddlers definitely have a ton of energy. I'm sure you were exhausted by the time you got home. I'm definitely hooked on the Bachelor, so I was excited last week when the new season began. Kacie's my favorite so far! So glad you have your laptop back!