Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A New Day, A New Attitude

Hello Dolls, anyone notice anything different? Yay for a new blog template! I am very excited about the new look of Eloquently Emily and hope you all enjoy it!

Yesterday I did a check in with my resolutions and afterwards was totally down on myself about how I have been keeping up with them. Resolutions and the New Year is supposed to make you feel good about yourself, not frustrated and discouraged. While I was feeling down I was also perusing through a few of my usual blog reads and stumbled upon a post of one of my favorite blogs, Girl Meets Life. Gracie over at Girl Meets Life has been one of my favorite blogs for as long as I can remember but for some reason I had never read her post of resolutions. I'll let you check it out for yourself but afterwards I felt much better!

My new take on resolutions is rather than have them set in stone of things you want to work on, take it each day at a time and focus on making that one day better than yesterday. While this does not mean I will not throw my resolutions out the window, I will however not be so hard on myself and realize the only thing to do is pick myself up and take each day by day and making it the best day it can be. Anyone else with me?

Here's a little inspiration for today...

I hope everyone has a great day, almost Wednesday and halfway through the week!



Gracie @ GML said...

This is awesome, girl! So glad that you adopted this new outlook - it's so healthy and one that I think can really lead to a fuller life! xoxo G

Laura said...

Love the new blog design! So cute!

Anonymous said...

The last is my absolute favorite! I have it everywhere so it is a constant reminder. Glad to be your newest follower!