Monday, November 21, 2011

New songs needed and a sangria recipe...

We meet again Monday, I like you no more this week than I did last week, except for the fact that on Wednesday I will be heading home to MD to see my family and friends for Thanksgiving!

Today I worked 10 hours...gross but did receive a note from a patient I had been working a lot with that was discharged over the weekend.

He made it like a postcard and on the back was this messge...
Dear Child Life, Thank you for helping me take care of my body
Love and awesome, (patients name)
P.S. Tell Emily I like her a lot

Im tearing again as I type it. This is what makes my unpaid internship completely worth it.

Tomorrow I work until 6 again and then will be getting ready for my long drive on Wednesday! I am looking to make a few CD's for my ride and was hoping anyone could suggest some new music?!

Also on Wednesday night I have a few friends coming over before we head to the bar, I am looking to make some sort of sangria and was wondering if anyone had made an at home sangria and what they used! I don't want anything too sweet but am always open for suggestions!

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