Friday, November 4, 2011

Finally Friday!

Happy Friday everyone! What a week! Working 12-10 hour shifts is not my idea of a fun way to spend the week, but thank goodness it was cut short by a flight to PA for my cousins wedding! That's right, I'm in the city of brotherly of love, home of the Eagles and Phillies! Woooooo! This weekend my cousin Jen will be marrying Jack, a great guy she has been dating for sooo long! I am super excited and definitely looking forward to spending time with my family!

Last night my dad picked my up from the airport and took me to a great little Italian cafe! A lot of restaurants throughout PA and NJ are BYOB, which is in my opinion... awesome! We picked up a bottle of this wine to have with dinner and it was great!
I'm sometimes a little leery when it comes to reds but this one was a blend of a Zinfandel, Cab, and Merlot.

Next we had salads, I chose mixed greens with sun dried tomatoes and gorgonzola cheese

For dinner I had pasta with scallops, shrimp, spinach, and was amazing.

For dessert we had my favorite dessert of all time... tiramisu

This was such an amazing dinner but I loved it because I only had a little bit of everything and had a ton of leftovers!

Today will be spent getting ready for the wedding and going to the rehearsal dinner! Coming up north, I was totally not prepared for the colder weather and am a little worried about the dresses I bought! I haven't been to a wedding in so long, I wasn't sure what to wear for a fall wedding! Luckily I have I'm staying with my 4 girl cousins so I'm sure I will manage.

I will try to post tomorrow but if not I hope everyone has a great weekend!

Also today I think I am going to try and get an airbrush tan...does anyone know how long those last or have any advice?


Kerry said...

Great post! I love that red wine, even though I'm weary of reds too! Your dinner looks sooo delicious. About your dress dilemma-- since its cold, grab a pair of stylish tights and a cardi to warm it up! Lace or patterned tights maybe?

have a blast!

Gabrielle said...

That food looks soo good! Oh, and the wine too :). I know that you asked about airbrush tanning, but have you ever tried St. Tropez tanning mousse? I just got it and swear by it! Just a thought!

Mrs.S said...

That food looks yummy=))Im a new follower, check out my E.L.F giveaway on my blog=))

Ashley said...

Have a blast at the wedding! The pasta looks delicious!