Thursday, November 17, 2011

Hey It's Ok...

I could not be more excited that it is Thursday! Although I do have to work tomorrow, I am leaving work tomorrow at 2:40 to ::drum roll please:: GET MY HAIRCUT! I know it seems like just last week I got my hair cut and purchased Moroccan Oil for the first time but unfortunately my hair grows like a weed and it is even longer than last time! I might compare my hair to what Medusas looked like. I am also extremely excited for this weekend because for the first time in a month I am not going out of town! Shocking I know, but I can't wait to spend the weekend doing something I have wanted to do for a longgg time (I'll share tomorrow!)
As for today... Hey It's Ok that...
- I have yet to do any of the things I wanted to do this week including: work out, incorporate more salmon and spinach in my diet, and drink more water..FAIL

- To have bought a starbucks gift card for myself so that I can become a rewards member and get free syrup and milk upgrades. ( I always get soymilk so this is totally worth it)
- I've had a glass of wine every night when I've gotten home from work except 1..not proud
- Im too excited for my weekend to do absolutely nothing
- The only thought getting me through until I go home for thanksgiving break is seeing all of my friends on Wednesday for some downtown Annapolis shenanigans
- to have a mental breakdown and just need a cry sesh, happens to the best of us
- that the only person you really want to talk to during these cry sessions is your mom :)
I am not a fan of today, it has not been a good one. I plan on making a frozen pizza, and drinking a glass of wine (I'll break the habit next week), and catch up on new girl and greys.

Hope everyone had a great Thursday!


Anonymous said...

I have emotional breakdowns/ cry sessions with my momma all the time! I swear I'll be 40 crying to my mom! Lol
Have a wonderful weekend! said...

New Girl was extra funny this week! That should help! And wine too, wine always helps!

Sam {} said...

i hope tomorrow is a better day :)

wine every night is always a win for me!

lori said...

hope you enjoy your pizza and wine... and have a better day tomorrow :)