Friday, April 4, 2014

5 on Friday

Happy Friday friends! I could not be any happier Friday has finally arrived, this week was long and rough and with almost no plans over the weekend I am looking forward to a lot of relaxing! Here's a look at this week...

Spring is in full bloom here in Richmond and this past week was beautiful! The weather was in the 70's and these beauties are blossoming right outside my door.

With all the warm weather it was finally time to break out some dresses and put away the tights and boots! You can find the above dress at Old Navy, its a peachy colored chambray style and I absolutely love it! I paired mine with a navy sweater and gold metallic flats and received so many sweet compliments.

On Tuesday I took a mental health day and can't even describe how needed it was. It had been a long time since I hag one of my Barnes & Noble dates and it was way over due. Before grocery shopping /i decided to pick up a coffee and a stack of mags and just disconnect for a little bit. 

Earlier this week /i received my grade on my midterm and immediately texted my grandma, aka Gram to let her know the good news. I've talked about Gram before on the blog but she really is the sweetest and someone I consider to be my best friend. I am thankful for her every day and so glad we are so close!

This quote is perfect for this week and things to come. Lately I have found myself being pulled by things from the past and dwelling on them. Rather then stress and worry, I have decided to move on and look forwards the future. I have so many fun trips coming up- San Francisco, lots of weddings, 4th of July with my girlfriends, beach trips with my family, and this just in- a new girls getaway in Charleston! I can not wait for all the fun and exciting things in the next few months and have decided to let go and just be happy and content with the here and now. Cheers to Friday y'all! 

Yours truly, 


Ally {Life as I know it} said...

Old Navy has really stepped it up! That dress is adorable! Your Gram seems so sweet! Have a good weekend!

The Pink Growl said...

#5 YES! And sometimes it's hard to remember, but it's so so so true!

Tess said...

Ummm literally ALMOST bought that pink dress when I was in ON this week. It is SO cute but the color was just a little off for my skin tone. I'm so glad to snatched it up, I bet you'll get a ton of wear!

Alexandra Bee Blog said...

Love this funny you disconnect at Barnes & Noble. In college whenever I needed some me-time I would head to Barnes & Noble, pick a random book off the shelf and plop down in a comfy arm chair and read for hours!