Friday, November 21, 2014


Friday Friday Friday I am so glad you are finally here. This weekend I am hoping for warm weather after some pretty chilly days this week. Saturday I am heading to ECU to cheer on the Pirates with friends. We are in need of a serious win and I am hoping the home game will do just the trick. Sunday will be spent getting ready for next week and then heading to a friends for "Friendsgiving." Now onto some finds throughout the week!

/ If there's one thing you do this weekend, make sure you swing by Sephora and pick up this mask. So far I have used it twice this week and am already in love. Both times after using it my face has looked brighter, refreshed, and like I've just slept 10 hours. 

/ Last night my roommate and I were both craving cookies but disappointed to find we didn't have any flour. After googling a few recipes, we decided on this recipe. Instead of peanut butter we used almond butter and they turned out so good, a definitely try if your looking for an easy cookie recipe!

/With a few friendsgiving get togethers coming up, I am thinking this sangria will part of my contribution. 

/Around this time we all start thinking of New Year's resolutions and what we will focus on for the upcoming year. When making these resolutions it's hard not to think of past resolutions and become down on ourselves for never fully checking them off our list. This article is spot on about not being hard on yourself, picking yourself, and focusing on what's important. 

/ This is 100% true and such a good reminder. 

Here's to a good weekend ahead, cheers!

Yours truly,
Emily Ann

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Brittney Haynie said...

I'll have to try the almond butter recipe!!