Thursday, November 20, 2014

This and That: Planners, Wine, and More

Anyone else counting down the seconds until Friday? I swear last week flew by and this week didn't seem to move at all. Today's post is a random assortment of catching up + some mid week thoughts...

A few weeks ago Kristina over at Medicine & Manicures posted about May Designs and how they were recently featured as one of Oprah's favorite things. As someone who takes their planners pretty seriously, I decided to check them out and absolutely loved what I found. Not only are there so many covers to choose from, you are able to customize just about everything. These would make the perfect gift for the upcoming Holidays and are super affordable. 

Hot Chocolate + being snuggled in bed... my favorite as of lately.

I am still on the hunt for a camel "poncho" sweater. I originally wanted this one but was so sad to find they sold out in my size. I stumbled on the one pictured above but still don't know if it's exactly what I am looking for or if there is something better out there. Opinions?

I am currently reading this book and loving every page. I believe I will be finishing in the next few days and am looking for my next read- suggestions welcome!

This week I tried out Whole Food's brand of wine, Three Wishes. I would say the concept is similar to that of Trader Joes and the Two or now Three Buck Chuck. If your in the south or NC region, I've also heard Harris Teeter is also now offering their own brand of wine, Oak Creek for a similar price. While I can't speak to the Oak Creek, I can say that I tried the Three Wishes Cabernet Sauvignon and was very pleased. It was very smooth and for just $3 would definitely buy it again and try the others. 

My best friend Alison has decided to join the blogging world and I could not be more excited. Alison and I met in high school, attended different colleges, and now live in 2 different states. Even though we haven't lived in the same place for years, she has been and will always be my closest friend. Alison just recently passed the bar exam and is a lawyer living in Baltimore, MD. Please be sure to stop by and check out her new blog, Barred in Baltimore!

Yours truly, 
Emily Ann


BLovedBoston said...

I have two May Design planners and love them!!! And yay for your friend joining the blogging world - off to check it out!! Have a great day!

Caroline {Virginia Sweet} said...

I cannot wait for Friday.... ugh. But I love all of your items. I carry around two May Designs notebooks in my purse every single day, the meal planner and a blog notebook, and I have those cups from Antro! Try reading next If I stay... now gonna go see what Miss Allison is up to! xoxo

Kristina @ Medicine and Manicures said...

Yay! So glad you like your planner- I ended up getting my boyfriend's sister some stationery and it is SUPER cute! And I've had my eye on those poncho sweaters too (the bf doesn't like them because they're baggy) but I think they're super cute & cozy! xoxo

Alison Schurick said...

Thanks for the shoutout, Em!! Looking forward to joining this fun world with you (and everyone). Love you to pieces!!!!

Tess said...

I need to start the Hot Coco game...major craving.

Meghan said...

I am obsessed with May Books. I have 10 of them and find myself constantly justifying how I can buy more (#needanintervention). Love that mug for your hot coco too! xo

Kerry said...

Yay for both of you!! Love you Al and Em, I will be keeping up on your blogs ;)

Alexandra Bee Blog said...

I LOVE your planner!! The Husband's Secret was SO good! I also recently have loved Big Little Lies by the same author and Me Before You!