Friday, October 17, 2014


I'm currently writing today's post at 10am on Friday after sleeping a total of 11 hours, yes that happened. Thank goodness I have today off, due to working tomorrow, but this cold has seriously got me behind the ball. This morning was the first time all week I actually felt somewhat functional when I woke up, still hacking and sniffling of course. I am totally looking forward to a day of just relaxing and being indulgent. This weekend the only thing on my to do list is a quick 9-5 shift tomorrow and then no plans. I absolutely love weekends with no plans, and can't wait to spend mine just relaxing. After being busy and on the go the past month and now having this horrible cold, I think my body is begging for some down time. Here's a few finds and things on my mind from this week...

- After my 22 mile hike in one day I somewhat swore off hiking for a bit but actually found myself missing it and wanting to get back on the trails. I stumbled upon this list that I am excited to check out of trials near Asheville, a place I have been wanting to check out for forever! 

- Two of my favorite things, copper detailing and candles

- Thinking a little pumpkin baking is in order this weekend

- These are perfection 

- Amen

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Delta Daisies said...

I love weekends with no plans. Have a good one! Hope you feel better!