Tuesday, October 28, 2014

If someone handed me $100...

$100 can go pretty fast these days. It could be a nice night out on the town with friends, a few new pairs of shoes, or a couple weeks of grocery money. The point being... wouldn't it be nice if you happened to have an extra $100 to do with what you wanted? Recently The Dollar Shave Company popped up on my newsfeed and I decided to check it out. Not knowing what it was previously, I was blown away by their selection of razors for such an affordable price, delivered to you no less! When I started to think of the things I could do and buy I thought of a few of these...

- a day spent by myself treating myself to a mani/pedi, lunch, movie, and fun new lipstick

- taking my sweet mom and grandmother out to lunch

- getting a few weeks worth of blow outs

- buying luxurious soft sheets, sorry Target yours are great too

- hosting a fun wine and cheese night with friends, goodie bags included

The possibilities are endless and the best part is Dollar Shave Club can save you $100 when you join their monthly razor club. I highly suggest you check out their website to learn more about the opportunity! The best part is they are delivered straight to your house, saving you one more expense on your next Target trip.

What would you do with your $100?

Yours truly, 
Emily Ann


Caroline {Virginia Sweet} said...

Oh I am sucker for soft sheets. I was actually just thinking about this the other day... I would prob go out and have a pamper Caroline day. Mani & pedi, a good eye brow wax and a bottle of my fav wine should do the trick!

Oppenheimer_Blowjob said...

100$ is actually often much underappreciated. I had to decorate my new condo (check it out, it's really nice: http://ionmiamicondos.com/) and I had to get some stuff for interior design, like lamps, etc. I actually bought quite a lot of stuff for 100$ and I'm loving every bit of it!