Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Happening Now

Let's talk about how it's only Wednesday... gross. This is my first official week at the new job and while I am absolutely loving it and so excited to be a part of a new team, this girl is exhausted! Every day is filled with learning new information and I am finding myself a bit overwhelmed and ready for down time over the weekend! Here's a bit of what's currently going on...

Smelling: Autumn Harvest candle from Target

Making: Lists of things to do this weekend- eye brown, oil change, new work shoes, etc.

Wearing: My new work ID badge, thankfully an acceptable picture

Baking: Spinach/Feta eggs cups

Listening: Hozier, absolutely love them

Wanting: A new face mask, maybe its exhaustion but my skin is just looking dull these days (recs?)

Drinking: Red blends, a change from my normal oaky buttery Chardonnay favorites

Loving: Living back in NC and being closer to friends

Eating:  Quinoa veggie salad + sweet potato chili (recipe to come)

Wishing: For beautiful fall weather this weekend to enjoy with friends

Reading: Struggling to finish The Goldfinch

Needing: A new pair of neutral flats for work

Noticing: I am way too attached to my phone

What are some of you currently up to?

Yours truly,
Emily Ann


Kristina @ Medicine and Manicures said...

Glad you're enjoying your new job but the first week is definitely a crazy transition time (only 2 days til the weekend though!). You should try the Wei Golden Root mud mask, I absolutely love it!

Tess said...

I'm need a new pair of flats too - and all of these sales have not been friendly to my bank account!