Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Happy Wednesday friends! Anyone else relieved to have made it through half the week? The week before vacation is always the longest and I swear the days are not moving. I truly apologize for the lack of posting the past few weeks, I am really going to try and step up my game from here on out. This summer has been so busy with traveling, events at work, and keeping up with my normal routine of working out, laundry... all that good everyday stuff. 

Here's a bit of what I have been up to lately...

Saw Tedeschi Trucks with Sharon Jones in concert... amazing. Susan Tedeschi is extremely talented and I have been listening to them on repeat since the concert. 

A selfie shot of the roomies and I at the concert. 

Received the sweetest Thank You notes from patients. 

A fun dinner with my roommates, mom, and grandma to celebrate turning the big 2-6!

A weekend Bachelorette trip to celebrate my cousin Jackie getting married in just 2 short weeks! Full Boston recap to come! 

What have you been up to?
Yours truly,
Emily Ann

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Thoughts For Thursday

Well clearly I am not going for blogger of the year of here, yet another week is almost gone and I have yet to post this week! Today's Thoughts for Thursday includes a bit of what I have been up to and might explain the lack of posting...

- Working weekends is no fun. I worked last weekend through this week and have officially hit a wall. I am counting down the minutes until I am out of here this afternoon and off for the rest of the weekend! 

- After work today I will be hitting the road to Richmond to catch a flight out to Boston tomorrow morning to celebrate my cousin, Jackie's Bachelorette weekend! I am beyond excited to celebrate the bride to be and even more excited for my first bachelorette weekend experience. 

- Tomorrow is also a tiny bit special because it is my birthday! My birthday totally creeped up on me this year and it's hard to believe tomorrow I will be another year older. 

- My mom and grandmother came in town this past week to be with my as I had a follow up appointment with my liver specialist. Everything went great and she said I am "disgustingly healthy" and she is extremely happy with how my liver is responding to my medicines. Insert sigh of relief and huge weight off shoulders!

- Work has been pretty sad lately and I am definitely needing some recharge time- next weekend and the start of my week vacation with my family can't come soon enough. I am ready to be at the beach for a whole week with not a care in the world. 

I apologize for the craziness this week, here's to hoping I can get a few posts in next week!

Yours truly, 
Emily Ann

Friday, July 17, 2015


Happy Friday friends! I am happily off work today but unfortunately will have to head back to work tomorrow and Sunday. I am not a fan of working weekends but it has been so busy lately, I am somewhat looking forward to getting through some emails and a few work tasks that have gone neglected. Here's this week's links and finds...

// I don't know about you but once summer rolls around, I rarely break out my blow dryer or curling iron and have been air drying my hair almost every morning. Here's a great guide on how to and what products to use! 

// I'll take one of everything

// Maybe my favorite house tour yet, love love love it all. 

// This looks like the perfect dish to make on a Sunday and have a little bit each day for lunch. 

// Advice

Yours truly, 
Emily Ann

Thursday, July 16, 2015

As of Lately...

Hey y'all so sorry for the silence around here this week, it has been beyond crazy at work! Today's post is picture heavy but gives a bit of insight as to what I have been up to lately! I will be back tomorrow with the normal Friday weekend post and hoping to get back on track next week!

Last weekend I decided to hit up the Raleigh Flea Market and it did not disappoint. From antique furniture and little trinkets to just some really good people watching, I am really looking forward to going again. If you are in the Raleigh area I definitely suggest you check it out! It is open every Saturday and Sunday, be sure to get there early as it does get a bit crowded! 

Need a quick but yummy meal- insert my new favorite salad to throw together. A handful of chopped tomatoes, a baby cucumber, splash of red wine vinegar, lots of yummy feta, and some salt and pepper... yum. I whipped this together last weekend for a quick lunch and have made it several times since then. It's so simple but really tasty and doesn't leave me feeling too full. 

I snapped this quick picture as I was driving over the Bay Bridge a few weekends ago on my way to the beach. It an attempt to beat beach traffic I hit the road before the sun came up and was greeted by this pretty sunrise as I crossed the bridge. 

I am still going strong with my workouts in the morning and have been pretty consistent about running Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays. Tuesday and Thursdays are weight/toning classes which are my favorite and have been leaving me pretty sore. A few times over the past few weeks I have ventured out for an early morning run. I much prefer to run on a treadmill but with my beach vacation quickly approaching and wanting to get in a few runs on the beach, I thought it was time to transition. 

I've also been alternating my breakfast options and not complaining about my quick go to recipe of overnight oats. I will share the recipe I have been following next week. On mornings I don't have overnight oats, I typically eat 2 hard-boiled eggs, 2 pieces of veggie bacon, and a piece of avocado toast! 

Hope everyone is having a great week!
Yours truly, 
Emily Ann

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Weekend Shopping

It's no secret that one of the best sales of the year is currently going on at Nordstrom. This is a great time to snag some things you've had your eye on that are finally on sale and a bit more affordable. Unfortunately with all my upcoming travel plans and a now car payment, I will not partaking in the amazing sale but that doesn't mean I can't look! 

Here are a few things I've had on my wish list...

This necklace is absolutely stunning and would be perfect with so many outfits. 

This bag... I can't even, it is perfect. 

I have yet to find a leather jacket I like on myself but this one is beautiful. I love the draped front and that it looks more comfortable and less structured then others I have seen. 

The last thing I need in my closet is another blouse but I love this blue color and that it's long enough to wear with leggings or be tucked in the front like shown. 

If you are in need of activewear this is a great time to stock up on some Zella pieces for a major steal. I am desperately in need of some new leggings and I love this fun color. 

These shoes are currently on my birthday wish list and I am obsessed with them. I love the fringe detail and think that would make a fun addition to a fun going out ensemble. 

As a candle lover, these may be one of my favorite items on sale. Perfect opportunity to stock up on some of your favorite scents or even better to give as gifts!

With a lot of different brush set options out there, this one was by far my favorite. It has a great array of brushes and I love the angled brush included for contouring. 

Will you be hitting up the Nordstrom sale this weekend?

Yours truly, 
Emily Ann

Friday, July 10, 2015


Happy Weekend! This week was long long long and I am so glad Friday is finally here. This weekend I plan to relax, lay out at the pool, and run a few overdue errands. Not too exciting but boring plan free weekends tend to be favorite and I am not complaining one bit. Here's a few of my favorites from this week...

// Am I the only one who didn't know Gap Factory was now online? I am loving these shorts and even more that their less then $15! 

// I followed this recipe for a quick make ahead breakfast and will definitely be making it again- so yummy!

// Anyone else sad over this breakup? They have always been one of my favorite couples and I am so sad to see them part and always feel terrible for the children.

// An easy enough to follow video on contouring.

// truth.

Yours truly,
Emily Ann

Thursday, July 9, 2015

How I Unwind

How I Unwind

Everyone's has different ways to unwind and relax and today I thought I would share my normal go tos. Their not exactly in any particular order but all of these seem to help when I am feeling a bit overwhelmed or just needing some "me" time. 

1. Reading- Ever since I was a kid I have been a huge reader. To me there is nothing better then crawling into bed at night and reading a good book. Not to mention I swear I fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer as opposed to getting on my laptop or watching a show. 

2. Netflix- Sometimes working in a hospital can be a bit stressful and sad at times. One way to let the day go and escape from reality is to veg out and watch a good show. Some of my favorites lately have been OITNB, Bloodline, Mistresses, Friends, and True Detective. 

3. Working out- I know it sounds a bit opposite to work out when you need to relax but sometimes after a stressful day, all I want to do is hop on a treadmill and run it all out. Going for a long walk or pumping out a good weight routine also can help too!

4. Vino- While I don't normally drink during the week, sometimes grabbing a drink or happy hour with a friend can make the worst day a bit more bearable. After work drinks are a great way to catch up with friends and decompress before you've gotten home. 

5. Take a bath- This is one I wish I was better about because when I do do them, they are so relaxing. I love lighting a candle, turning on some music and just zoning out while soaking in a warm soapy bath. 

6. Instagram- By far my favorite form of social media and often what I do when I am bored or just need a break from reality. I am totally guilty of spending too much time on instagram right when I get into bed and normally peruse until I can't keep my eyes open anymore. 

How do you unwind and relax?

Yours truly, 
Emily Ann

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

June Favorites

June Favorites

It's hard to believe we are already a few days into July! This summer is flying by and before you know it, August will be here and it will be time to gear up for my favorite season(s)- Fall and football! Until then, I wanted to share some of my favorites from June...

I have posted about these palm shorts several times but it truly because they have become a staple in my weekend attire. They are currently on sale and less then $20!

This lotion has quickly become a favorite of mine this summer for a variety of different reasons. It has a fun summery scent and leaves my skin feeling extra moisturized without feeling sticky or cakey. 

I know what your thinking but I promise if your like me and have a hard time with breakouts in the summer due to sunscreen, sweating, and more sun exposure, you need to try this as your cleanser. My dermatologist recommended it when I came to her with a few problem areas on my face and this was the first thing she advised me to try. Ever since it has been my go to cleanser come summer- try it before you knock it. 

My current nail polish favorite that is on my toes. It's a fierce red but I love the way it looks with my tan. 

I just finished reading this book last week and absolutely loved it. It was a lot like Gone Girl which was ok in my book because I loved that read as well. If you are looking for an easy beach read, this one was awesome. 

As of lately I have become pretty lazy when it comes to doing my hair aka I never do. My hair routine the past few weeks has consisted of shaking my head up and down a few times, a few spritzes of this spray and waiting for it to air dry. This spray also smells amazing and is a lot cheaper then the Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray (another favorite of mine.)

What are some of your favorite products as of lately?
Yours truly, 
Emily Ann

Friday, July 3, 2015

Weekend + Happy 4th

Happy Weekend friends! I am happy to be celebrating the weekend a bit early and looking forward to a weekend of laying out, spending time with family, and catching up on some needed sleep. Fourth of July is easily my favorite holiday and has been since I was younger. Here's this weeks links and finds...

// This recipe looks so yummy and refreshing and would make for the perfect week day meal to whip up on a Sunday. 

// Thinking I will be picking this up today on my way to the beach for my next beach read

// This entry way... perfection. 

// I am 100% guilty of doing this and need to get better. Anyone else have a hard time saying no?

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend!

Yours truly, 
Emily Ann

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

20 Questions

I spotted this fun questionnaire on Natalie's blog a few weeks ago and decided to give it go. I always love getting to know bloggers better and figured it would be a fun midweek post. 

A little about me: 
I am in my mid 20s, soon to be later half in a little less then a month and live in Raleigh, NC! I originally started my blog when I had first moved to Charlotte and was working to complete my Child Life degree and finishing up my internship. My of my blogging is focused around life in general- recipes, fashion, home decorating, and any other randomness I encounter along the way!

1.Favorite food:  
Pizza. I love love love pizza and could eat it for any meal. 

2. Flip flops or high heels: 
Flip flops for every day but heels for at night. I barely reach 5'2 so when it comes time to dressing up I am always up for the added height, plus I think it makes me look a bit more polished. 

3. Favorite places to shop for yourself: 
TJ Maxx, Marshalls, J.Crew Factory, Banana Republic, Antrhopologie, Loft

4. Standard Coffee order: 
Grande iced coffee unsweetened with extra shot of espresso, a touch of half and half and half of a sweet and low packet... perfection! 

5. Road trip must have snack: 
Coke (in a can) and cheez its

6. DIY or hire it out? 
My mom and I can be pretty crafty and love to take on new projects and decorating ideas. Lately she has been all about redoing furniture and everything has turned out amazing.

7. Top 5 TV shows: 
Blood line, Scandal, True Detective, Greys Anatomy, Friends 

8. Favorite Book: 
As an avid book reader its so hard for me to pick a favorite, I just finished Girl On The Train and loved it. 

9.  Favorite Form of Exercising: 
Another tough one for me to pick a favorite! Lately I have been on a pretty set routine of running 3 miles Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays, while Tuesday and Thursdays have been weight training. I also love a good spin class + hot yoga! 

10. How tall are you?

11. Do you try something new at restaurants or stick to your favorites?
I am pretty good about trying new things but do have a few favorite I always come back to. There are so many amazing restaurants in Raleigh and I have been keeping a running list of places to try.

12. One make up item you can't live without:
Under eye concealer, it's a complete game changer

13.  What's on your nightstand?
A few magazines, books, and glass of water

14. What's one thing motherhood has taught you?
No babies for me! 

15. Music that reminds you of high school: 
Jack Johnson

16. If you could live anywhere in the world besides your current city where would you live?
Last year I made a trip out to San Francisco to visit one of my best friends, Angelica and absolutely fell in love. Unfortunately it's bit far away from my family but it's somewhere I will always dream of living. 

17. Tell us something about you we might not know: 
This is completely crazy but to this day I do not know how to ride a bike. My parents swear I learned when I was younger but I think it must have been a one and done situation. I've tried to pick it up since but when your older and have an idea of how much it's going to hurt when you fall- it's a bit frightening. 

18. Websites you read/browse (besides blogs):
Pinterest, Elite Daily, Thought Catalog, People, The Every Girl

19. Morning person  or Night owl?
Most definitely morning. I am normally up by 5:45 on week days and out to the gym and in bed most nights around 9pm. 

20. Favorite Breakfast meal:
Omelet with cheese and salsa + piece of avocado toast.

Yours truly, 
Emily Ann