Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Tuesday Eats- Breakfast for Dinner

Breakfast is by far my favorite meal. It is a constant struggle for me each morning what I am going to have because the possibilities are endless- smoothies, eggs, oatmeal, protein pancake, cereal... the list could go on. Quite frequently I have breakfast for dinner, especially eggs because their easy to whip up and are a good source of protein- not to mention after a long day at work something simply but yummy is comforting. My normal go to is an omelet, filled with various fillers from feta and tomato to salsa and black beans. This week however I stepped a bit outside my comfort zone and make gooey eggs over easy with roasted potatoes and asparagus... holy yum. Check out the recipe below for an easy quick and healthy meal to prepare during the week or even lazy Saturday morning!

1 small potato
1 red potato 
A bunch of asparagus
2 eggs
Olive oil
Salt and Pepper
Start by slicing potatoes into bite size portions, toss with olive oil and salt/pepper. Spread on a baking sheet and cook at 400 for 25 minutes. 
While the potatoes are cooking, prepare the asparagus but cutting it in small portions- should end up to be 3 small pieces from 1 stem. Toss with olive oil and salt/pepper.
Once potatoes are finished, add asparagus and cook for an additional 12 minutes. 
Top with some yummy gooey eggs over easy and you have a delicious meal!

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Hill said...

I love breakfast for dinner too! It's seriously one of my favorites

Ally {Life as I know it} said...

I think I could eat breakfast for all three meals. This looks delicious!!

Sundresses and Smiles said...

Growing up my dad and I referred to breakfast for dinner as "brinner!" This looks incredible! I made an omelette last night because Bryce had a work dinner and it was a quick and easy meal for one!