Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Changes and Improvements

I was realizing yesterday that I have yet to post anything about my goals and plans for the New Year! A bit late, now that we are 7 days into the New Year but hey, better late then never! When it comes to making resolutions, I've always had a bit of a different approach, a more flexible one if you will. Don't get me wrong, I am all about having a few things in mind that I would like to work on but I've always gone with the want to just make each year better then the last. 

Looking at the year ahead I am looking forward to a great number of changes- mostly professionally including a new assignment at work and the start of my graduate program. While I could not be more excited for these new opportunities, I know they will require a lot of time management. Meals will need to be planned, hours at work will need to be kept as close to 40 as possible, and workout sessions will need to scheduled and kept. 

Personally, I also have a few changes and improvements I would like to focus on. These include focusing on myself as a person and becoming more comfortable in my own skin and displaying this confidence in my every day interactions. So far my 20's have been far from glamorous, but blessed none the less. This year I would like to focus on what makes me happy and healthy, what brings me joy, and how I can transfer this into my every day living. Sure I'm going to have days where I'm grumpy or want wine for dinner but on those days that OK because life would be incomplete without bad days that make you thankful for the good ones and lord knows we need wine! The only thing anyone can do is to try, try to be the best version of their self and that is exactly what I am dedicated to doing this year. 

Here's to getting this year started off on the right foot! 

Yours truly, 


Annie {annelliott.blogspot.com} said...

Amen! So excited for your new adventures in 2014!! xo

Tess said...

It sounds like your "resolutions" in 2014 will bring you nothing but positive change.

I haven't put pen to paper on my goals for 2014 and I keep putting it off...I'm hoping this weekend I can take some time and really evaluate my goals.

Sundresses and Smiles said...

Love this..and you are so right- without the bad days, we wouldn't be able to appreciate the good!