Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Where The Heck Have I Been

Hey Y'all, I am back from my weekend away and have lots of pictures to share! 
My long weekend away spent with family and friends is exactly what I needed after a couple crazy weeks of work. I was able to unwind, do a little shopping, eat good food, and spend some quality time with my momma! Anyone else agree that moms can about fix any problem in life? I am super close with my mom, aka we talk everyday, sometimes once a day, sometimes 15.. but I'm pretty sure that's normal right?

Here is how my weekend away was spent

Pulling down my driveway never gets old, I love my house and get so excited to be spending time with my family

Happy hour with my family to kick off the weekend. 

An early morning Saturday stroll downtown Annapolis 

Catching up with a friend over coffee and bagels with this view never gets old. 

A coffee break from shopping on Sunday in NYC

An extra special treat- getting to see one of my best friends that lives in Connecticut and spending the day with her. A selfie was necessary obviously. 

The Free People dressing room at Bloomingdales 

A yummy lunch in Madison Square Park to end the trip.

How did you spend your weekend?

Yours truly, 

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