Thursday, August 24, 2017

Thoughts for Thursday

Thank goodness it's Thursday y'all, I honestly did not think we would make it. I started off my week by working 14 hours on Monday and the week has continued to be draining and long. Today is my last official work day of the week before I am off for 11 days... yes 11 days. This afternoon I am heading up to Maryland and then will be heading to the beach tomorrow with my family and I can't wait. Some good time with my family and time in the sun relaxing is just what the doctor ordered and I am so ready to relax, catch up on reading, and spend some time with my family. Today's post is just an assortment of thoughts I've had throughout the week...

+ Anyone else pretty excited for Taylor swift's new release? I can't wait to hear her next album, I am totally guilty of loving her songs an being a big fan. 

+ This week I didn't grocery shop and ate almost every meal out or just snacked on things... not ok and I had Starbucks almost every morning for breakfast. 

+ Speaking of food, last night for dinner I had a hot dog with no bun and stawberries... real adulting going on over here. 

+ After lots of travel in July and August I need to go on a serious budget for a few months. Anyone have any good tips for making a budget and actually sticking to it?

+ The other night I was trying to wind down and wanted to just mindlessly peruse the internet but couldn't think of any sites to go to. What are some of your favorite websites to surf and peruse?

+ I have 3 books that I am taking with me to the beach and I won't be surprised if I finish all three ina week. I am a ferocious reader when I have time off and definitely when sitting on the beach. 

+ Yesterday I had a new teacher for my strength class and man did she kick my butt. We're talking multiple sets of clean and presses, squats on squats on squats and so many lunges I can barely feel my legs. 

Hope everyone is having a good week so far, only one more day until Friday!

Yours truly, 
Emily Ann

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