Thursday, July 17, 2014

Thoughts For Thursday

Happy Thursday friends! Y'all have no idea how crazy I am going not being able to post without a computer at home- it is no fun! Today I am sneaking in a quick post to share a bit of what I been up to and posts to hopefully come in the future...

+ Last weekend I worked so had the day off on Monday and can't say how nice it was. It started with spin class with a friend followed by lunch in Colonial Williamsburg, outlet shopping, and capped out with a winery visit. 

+ This week I am housesitting/dogsitting for a friend and although I love dog, he is not even 2 yet and so much to keep up with! I can't even count on one hand how many things of mine were chewed just in the first day!

+ I haven't forgotten about my Versona giveaway and am hoping to have it up by next week!

+ Being that pizza is one of my all time favorite foods, I was all too excited when a new pizza place in Richmond sent me a promo box and gift card to try out their pizza. Next week I will be doing a full post on my Pie Five experience!

+ My birthday is officially a week away from today! Can't believe I will be turning the big 2-5 in just a few days!

+This Sunday I am heading out of town for a quick beach trip with my family in Carolina Beach. Even though I am only going a few days, I am beyond excited for a few days away relaxing with my family!

+ This week has been one of those weeks that I am surviving on coffee in the mornings and wine and night... detox next week maybe?

Hope everyone is having a great week and can't wait to get back to my regular posting schedule! 

Yours truly, 


Jaelan @ Making Mrs. M said...

I survive on coffee in the mornings and wine at night frequently. ;)

Happy early birthday!

Tess said...

Very jealous of your family vacay. I could totally use one of those!

And, I'm a coffee in morning, wine at night kinda girl too ;)

Sarita @ it's a girl's world said...

COffee and wine are all we need! Stopping by from the link-up.

Annie {Home of Malones} said...

Happy almost birthday and enjoy family time at the beach this weekend!! Coffee and wine are my two favorite beverages!!!

Pink and Fabulous said...

Stopping by from the link-up and following along! Girl if I could name the amount of weeks that I survive on caffeine and wine... Hope you have a great weekend!