Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Healthy Ice Cream- Recipe

Hey Y'all, happy Tuesday! I promise I will have an update from my weekend and lots of pictures, however today I wanted to share a new recipe I tried out last week. 

It's summer time and lets face it, I've come home from work several times and not waned to cook a darn thing, especially on these hot days. Last week I posted a recipe I tried out using mashed bananas to make muffins and they did not disappoint. Sticking with my banana theme, I decided to make ice cream...well healthy ice cream! Yes you read that right... healthy and ice cream in same sentence. I followed a couple different recipes on Pinterest but here's what it came down to.

4 sliced bananas frozen
1 cup of almond milk
A dash of cocoa powder
2 tablespoons of almond butter ( or peanut butter)


Y'all... this is the real deal. It tasted amazing and definitely didn't leave me feeling guilty about having it as a before bed snack. 

Hope everyone has a wonderful day!

Yours truly, 

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Ashley said...

I've tried the frozen banana in the blender deal but it's only worked the right way once. Almond milk addition is key- can't wait to try this soon!