Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Rocky Start, Thanks Sunday Funday

I've never been a huge Sunday Funday participant and normally fill my Sundays running errands, doing laundry, and preparing for the week ahead. This past Sunday I planned to do my normal and had just gotten back from the grocery store when a friend asked if I wanted to grab a drink and watch the Ravens game at 6. I had nothing else going on so I decided hey your young go grab a beer. Well friends... one beer turned into 3 AND a glass of wine and before I knew it.. this girl had officially become a member of Sunday Funday. I woke up on Monday morning feeling less then stellar and not thrilled about heading in to work, especially with my new hours and knowing I would be there until 6/6:30. And if your even wondering if I made it to the gym for a workout.. that was no where in the cards. 

Also on my agenda for Monday morning was to find a dentist because over the weekend a filling of mine had fallen out. I did manage to find one but the only time they had was during the middle of the day. I talked to my department at work, who much to my amazement and joy said to just take the day off and consider it a mental health day. (No, they did not know about my Sunday activities) Did I luck out or what! 

I wish I could say I filled my unexpected day off being productive but I called it quits after a load of laundry and my dentist appointment. I did get to catch up on Revenge and Girls from last night... both my two favorite shows and this happened while recuperating....

As for future Sundays, I think I'll stick with my routine of doing boring adult like things or at least pretending. For those of you that are able to participate in Sunday Funday without feeling miserable on Monday... I applaud you. 

How do you spend your sundays?

Yours truly, 

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