Tuesday, January 1, 2013

A Weekly Structure

Now that the holidays are officially over, it time to face the music and get serious about my routine. This means, back on track with morning smoothies, going to the gym more then twice a week, and getting back into meal planning! For this week, I have decided to post my project week schedule, in hopes that it will increase my chances of sticking to it!  

Wednesday I will be heading back to work and working a normal day and hoping to get out at normal time and will be making a beeline for the gym. Last week my gym was closed from Christmas until the after the new year and I can't wait to get back there! After the gym I also plan on heading to the store to grab a few groceries to get me through the week!

Here's what's on my grocery list:
-Sriracha (recipe to come)
- Bananas
- Baby spinach
- Lemon
- Almond butter
- Apples

Meals/Schedule for the week:
Roasted butternut squash and tofu with black beans (recipe to come) 
Grocery shop

Shrimp with roasted corn 
Barre Class at 7:15

Omelet with feta and sweet potato fries (recipe to come)
Barre Class at 4:00

As for today, I think I will do a bit of lounging and relaxing on my last day at home. Hope everyone has a wonderful first day of the year!

How are you spending the first few days of the new year?


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