Monday, June 25, 2012


So that whole getting busy with life and not posting for a day or two got a bit excessive and I seemed to have taken a blogcation. In a way I'm kind of glad that I was able to take a step away and really focus on everything else I had going on and not worry about posting....

Allow me to explain- I love blogging. I was someone who for months read blogs every day and always wanted to start one but didn't know if I had the guts. I originally started the blog when I was living in Charlotte completing an internship- it became my outlet if you will. However here I am almost a year later and still blogging and still loving it just as much! With that being said, I do love having my blog and I love how much blogging has opened my eyes to so many different opportunities and ideas. However, I always want to keep in mind the reason I started blogging- as an outlet, not as something that would cause more stress to my every day life. So maybe there are a few days, heck even a week, where I don't post as regular as I normally would, but thats what I like about my blog- its still always there. 

This week I would like to get back to my regular posting schedule but definitely wanted to make sure I addressed my lack of presence and also where I stand with Eloquently Emily. I have some excited posts lined up for this week, two of which are about affiliates I have recently teamed up with! 

This past week, as I stated was absolutely nuts but here's some updates in pictures...
Purple and Gold ensemble to work... someones ready for Pirate season to begin!
I did manage to squeeze in a quick pinterest craft

View of Richmond from Legends Brewery

Goodies from a shopping outing
2 workout tops from Gap on sale for only $10 each!
Black wrap dress from H&M
Smashbox BB cream- obsessed

Friday Cheers with the girls to see Alabama Shakes!

Dinner and drinks with a few of my sorority sisters that were in town!

Yours truly, 


Madilene Lake said...

Love that your blog is your outlet! It's super cute :) Looks like you had a great week - can't wait to ready more about you with coming posts!

Allyson Butler said...

What a great week! Welcome back to blogging!