Friday, September 18, 2015


Thank goodness Friday is finally here. As I mentioned yesterday, I was happy to start my weekend a day early yesterday and am home for the weekend in Annapolis. It's a been over a month since I was last home and while that doesn't sound like a long time, I am so excited to be back and spend time with my family. This weekend the Pirates will be playing Navy and I have several friends coming in town to stay at my house and can't wait to see everyone and cheer on the Pirates at Navy stadium. Here's a few links and finds form this week...

// Anyone else terrible about making sure they drink enough water throughout the day? I am completely guilty of it but looking forward to trying a few things on this list. Staying hydrated is so important and I can always tell a difference in myself from my energy to my skin when I am drinking enough water. 

// These look absolutely amazing, perfect sweet treat that won't leave me feeling guilty. 

// This poncho with jeans, boots, and a long sleeve tshirt underneath... yes. 

// I am constantly reminding myself of this. Don't stress what you have no control over... truth. 

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend!
Yours truly, 
Emily Ann

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